Sunday, February 05, 2006

I been busy so sue SOE

OK im picking on Theis the elf mage. I had a good shot of him in all his glory and wearing his fancy dress with his man boobs. Somehow I misplaced the shot so this boring converstaion will have to suffice.

I know I haven't posted this past week or so its been real hectic. Well its also been alot of fun playing DDO beta has many of us excited for this game to go live. While theres some bugs like most MMORPG's it was far more polished then some games that get pushed to live.

I think DDO is a great group game and the fun is like anyother MMORPG find what makes you enjoy the game and do it. While it may have limited options to find fun NO PvP, no Power Grinding, YOur stuck in one city for now, and no crafting. I believe future expansions will add to the whole experience. Turbine has been very informative and they are doing many things to improve this game. Plus they have a only touched one aspect of this huge Eberron game I really am excited to see what lurks ahead and im sure in the future you will more DDO comics over SWG comics as I am sure we will be spending more time there then in a Galaxay far far away past Lucas' dreams in the 8 th plane of hell known as SOE.

Last but not least Happy Birthday Theis your what 55 now Im not the old Fogey.

Also Congrates Oaks and Mac I hope your Wedding was great.

Blumpy Come Play DDO.

May The Farce be with ya.
Thanks Again